Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspecting Some Ants

We just got back from the museum to take a look at our ant problem, and work out what can be done about them.  When we had last seen the Totem Pole there were many dead ants at the bottom of the crate, but we couldn't really see that many actually walking around.  Today was a different story, today the Totem Pole appeared to be covered in ants.
We spoke to an art conservator whom is an expert on dealing with infestations in wood, and he gave us several options, all of which will be worked out by the head conservator as to which will work best.
There was also a bit of a concern about some holes found at the base of the Totem Pole as well.  It looks like these holes may have been caused by termites.  No termites have actually been found on the Totem Pole, but this evidence might create some problems in the future.

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