Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Fond Farewell To The Totem Pole

Ambassador Robert Peck and his wife Maria Pantazi-Peck say their goodbyes to the Totem Pole before the big move.

From the Official Residence:

"The garden of the Official Residence in Athens is not quite the same since Chief Tony Hunt's totem left last week for restoration at the Benaki Museum. The totem was the focal point of the garden and at night, stood out as a proud symbol of Canada's First Nation's heritage beneath the towering palms.

Chief Hunt's visit last year was a highlight of the totem story. At an evening talk about his art attended by diplomats and cultural contacts, Hunt emotionally told us that the totem in Athens was only the third he had carved at the very start of his career. Who would have thought of such a reunion in Athens almost 40 years later!

Although the totem's absence leaves a major void, the sun and heat over the years had started to exact a heavy toll. A face-lift will no doubt bring back much of the work's original resonance.

Pending plans for the totem's future in an indoor location, it will be on display following restoration at the Benaki Museum in Athens so that members of the Greek public, especially children, will learn about Canada's history and diversity."

Maria Pantazi-Peck, spouse of Robert Peck, Ambassador of Canada to the Hellenic Republic

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