Monday, October 29, 2012

The Totem Pole Is Visited By Artists

The finishing touches were starting to be applied to the Totem Pole this past weekend. Lots of consolidation work and a few more holes to fill.
Andrew and Totem Pole also got a visit from a group of children participating in a workshop at the Benaki Museum   The kids, and their parents, had the opportunity to learn about the Totem Pole from Andrew.  He explained a little bit about Aboriginal history, what the Totem Pole represented, and how he was fixing it.
The kids were able to watch Andrew at work and ask him any questions.
They also had an opportunity to come up close and see the Totem Pole from all angles.
After they visited the Totem Pole, the kids got together to build a Totem Pole of their own.
After each portion of their Totem Pole was assembled.
The kids got to present their Totem Pole and hung it next to the Chief's Crest Pole.  Everyone was very impressed.
Not only did we get a visit from the kids, but we also got a visit from Βασιλική Γεροκώστα a Greek visual artist here in Athens.  She was sketching some fantastic renditions of the Totem Pole in her sketch book.  You can check out some of her other art on her website here.

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