Monday, October 15, 2012

The Detailed Work Pays Off

At this point signs of how the Chief's Crest Pole is going to look is starting to become apparent.  The details that may have been lost or obscured are coming back to life in vivid colour.
Andrew is continuing to slowly and meticulously fill in the cracks with his collection of wood pieces sent to Greece from Canada.  After the pieces are securely filling the cracks, Andrew is ever so carefully carving them to match the contours of the Pole.  As more and more of this work gets done, the details of the Pole come out.
At the same time, Andrew has started to repair the paint.  He is both covering the areas where the cracks had once been, and also covering areas where the paint has chipped away completely.  The Pole is truly coming to life a little bit every day with these fixes.
Andrew has also started to fill in the areas near the base.  This, along with the top of the Pole, are the most damaged parts and require a great deal of filler and careful reconstruction.  Wherever possible Andrew is using wood to fill in the gaps, but later this week he plans to use some epoxy to fill in more of the holes that are too difficult to fill with pieces of wood.  Fortunately the Chief's Crest Pole, appears to be very solid and strong int he middle and these large outer repairs might be our biggest challenge.

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