Friday, November 30, 2012

The Totem Pole Is Up and Ready For You To Visit!!!

It's official, the Totem Pole is up and ready for the public to see.  Yesterday was the first official day that the public could visit the Chief's Crest Pole in its new location at the Benaki museum.
The day started with a visit from a delegation from Simon Fraser University, representatives from the Benaki museum, as well representatives from the Canadian Embassy.  All of these people, as well as a few that couldn't make it, worked hard to arrange, and fund this entire project.  It was nice that they could come and see the fruits of their labor.
After a few words everybody got a close up look at the Totem Pole.
Make sure to stop by the Benaki museum (at 138 Pireos Street) yourself and visit the Chief's Crest Pole.

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